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We sell and replace shocks

Good Shock Absorbers Will Give You the Comfort You Need

Are you putting off your shocks and struts repairs? If you are, then don't delay anymore. The shocks essentially keep the spring in place. The technicians at Moreno Tire & Auto Repair of Moreno Valley, CA, will walk you through the importance of shocks and struts in your car.

Shock repairs for a smooth ride

  • Shock repairs

  • Spring repairs

  • Rack and pinions

  • Shocks and brakes sales

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Off on used tires

We carry many types of shocks and also do repairs on them if necessary.

Get the shocks and struts replaced at the right time by committed technicians

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Getting your shocks repaired at the right time is a good idea. Let our staff take a look at it. Replacing your shocks on time will give you much more than just a smooth ride.